Google Shopping Training Course in London or Delivered Online Virtually

Our Google shopping training course focuses on creating optimised Google shopping feeds and campaigns. Discover the best practices on how to create both manual and automated feeds to showcase your eCommerce products on Google. Understand how to navigate Google ads accounts and create Google shopping campaign structures that work. Minimise your costs by tackling the important question of irrelevant traffic and boost your ROI by putting the right product at the right time to your potential target audience. This course will also look at CRO improvements you can make to improve your website performance, we will be taking in-depth look into your shopping cart and checkout systems to deliver actionable insights to boost your conversion rates.

Shopping feed optimisation

An optimised shopping campaign starts with an optimised feed which contained little error and much information as possible, during this training course we will show you various shopping feeds and how they differ per industry. We will discuss which attributes a successful shopping feed should contain and how to turn your manual feeds into feel optimised automatic feeds via API’s.

We will work together on your feed if you have one or create one from the start, fix common errors and add missing features.

Shopping campaigns

Often an overlooked aspect of Google shopping ads is how your feed is reflected in your account and campaign structure, we will discuss the various strategies, campaign types, structures and bidding rules you can use to push your profitability to higher levels.

CRO & Google Analytics

Our Google shopping training course comes with additional benefits, we will look into your Google Analytics and review your website to discover vital information about your audience, how they behave, what do they do and how they find your website. This information will be used to optimise your shopping campaigns with additions to your feeds. After you have completed the course you will be given various shopping feeds and reports which you can edit and customise.

    Trained By Experts

    Courses delivered by paid search experts who will teach you the practical, theoretical and strategic elements of Google Ads advertising.


    Our courses come with a company and CPD accreditation, we can also provide you training and advice towards your Google certifications.

    Aftercare & Consulting

    Our trainers will follow up for a free consulting session after you have completed your course, and you get access to our short courses.

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