Google Ads Training Course in London

Google Ads Training Course in London & Online

Our Google Ads training course will help you optimise your overall marketing strategy and specifically your ad accounts, campaigns, keywords and ad copies. Discover the different strategies and methodologies when planning and setting up your campaigns. Target the correct audience by using keyword match types and keyword research. Increase your quality score by optimising your ad copies and landing pages. Understand the meaning and importance of tracking and meaning of each metric to create fully customised reports and dashboards.

Our course is accredited by CPD Marketing, each attendee will receive a certification at the end of the course and a reference they have attended the course.

Who is this course for?

Our Google ads training course is fully private and customised to your company, so whether you are new to Google ads or are an experienced ad manager you will be able to go through a course with an expert trainer, who will dedicate time to creating and optimising your account. Further there will be real life examples and comparisons of different industries and companies for you to learn from.

Why One to One Google Ads Training?

Unlike our other mixed classroom courses we have created our Google ads course to be one to one for several reasons. However the most important reason is our one to one course allow us to find solutions to your specific industry and business problems. This course will also guide you and give you the confidence to complete your Google Ads certification.

Course Content

Introduction & Strategy

Bid & Account Optimisation

Tracking & Goals

Account & Campaigns

Ad Copies & Extensions



How do I book a course

Book online or contact us directly to discuss your needs or issue an invoice.

For bookings of 5 or more attendees visit our corporate training courses page for frequently asked questions and further information, or contact us today.

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